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 Nooma 002 ~Flame~

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PostSubject: Nooma 002 ~Flame~   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:10 pm

Nooma 002

Do you think you have ever truly been in love?

What was this Love based on? Did it have all three flames?

How many relationships have you seen where all flames are burning as one?

Why is Love so Complex?

Do we make it more Complex than it should be?

Do we generally, in today’s world, treat the concept of love the same way as the people in Song of Songs; as this sacred, beautiful, and mysterious thing?

Do you think the word “love” loses it’s meaning when we use it for so many thing?

Does it affect our understanding of what real love is?

Do you think it’s possible to be completely satisfied without all three burning flames?

What does it mean to give all of yourself to another person?

Are you giving everything you’ve got?

Interesting Fact

The fire in this film the fire had flames reaching heights of over 200 feet that could be seen more than 10 miles away.

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Nooma 002 ~Flame~
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